Do I need to bring a chair?

No. A comfortable armchair is provided for all seats. A chair will have your number on it and will remain yours for the entire event.

What are Reserved Seats?

Reserved seats are in a fenced in area directly in front of the stage. There are 20 rows of plastic arm lawn chairs secured together in each row. These are 20 rows deep on each side of the artist walk. When you purchase a seat it is yours until 2 weeks after each event to renew for the following year. After that if not renewed it will be open for public purchase. These seats will go fast and are usually renewed from year to year. They can be renewed at the 2016 event for the 2017 show.

What is the Artist Walk?

It is a raised carpeted walkway that goes from the stage thru the middle of the Reserved Seats. It allows the artist to walk to the end of reserved seating for their entire show. Great for reserved seat photo shots and close up of the stars.

Can I take pictures?

Pictures can be taken but no video recording is allowed.

Is smoking allowed?

Yes. We ask that you are courteous to those around you.

Do you have Handicap seating?

Handicap Reserved seating is on the end of rows with chair removed for wheel chair. Please inform festival prior to event dates for chair removal.

Can different people use my reserved seat ticket on different days?

Yes. If you elect to split your ticket when ordering. Separate tickets for each day of the event will be sent to you. You will have the choice of receiving a weekend wristband or a separate one each day. If you are unable to attend a day you may give your daily ticket to someone else.

Is bar and beverage service close to reserved seating?

Yes. It is located immediately outside entrance /exit to reserved seats.

Is there security available in reserved seats?

Yes. It is a controlled seating area and only people with a reserved seat wristband will be allowed in. You must sit in your reserved seat only. Approximately 10 security staff members are assigned for your comfort and artist safety.

How do I get my same Reserved Seat for next year?

You can purchase your same Reserved Seat for next year beginning on Saturday Nov. 5th at 2:00pm. Renewal location on festival grounds will be announced at event. You will have until Nov. 20th 2016 following event for same seat renewal before all open seats will be open to general public for purchase.

In 2016 can I move up in Reserved Seating?

Yes. This is done on a first come first choice basis. The earlier you renew your seats in 2016 for 2017 allows you next up choice of seats not renewed for 2017.